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What Will Your Change Be?

+Lifestyle Changes in-home private training services, is the newest addition to the fitness industry.  Our formula of personalized fitness training and nutrition plans, provided by our health care professionals, is the reason for our growing success.
What's our secret?
Our unique combination of +Cardio Circuit and +Active Balance training along side our +Nutrition Coaching
not only guarantees results but will introduce you to an entire new way of training, in your place of choice or at one of our convenient locations+Lifestyle Changes prides itself on professional service and being the first of its kind to offer you this incredible health and wellness program to your front door. Make a change and challenge yourself with a personally designed fitness program using the latest equipment the fitness industry has to offer. 

What is more important than incorporating wellness and healthy foods into your life? Here is a chance for you and your spouse, your family, or maybe even your friends to hook up together and connect with experienced professionals.  Get involved with our huge variety of programs including pre and post natal, hearts for seniors, couples training, wedding and anniversary prep, or challenging your young loved ones!

.At +Lifestyle Changes, we truly believe that it's never too early to start being active and never too late to get started.  
We offer the following specialty programs to coincide with your specific goals and needs:                                                                                      
Personal Training  F1000006.JPG
Nutritional Coaching
Athletic Sports Training 
Older Adult Fitness                                                                                                    
Pre and Post Natal Fitness
Core and Posture Training                                                              
Active Balance Training                                                                                                      
Couples and Group Classes
Kids "Kickbutt" Fitness
Within these services we can specialize your program, please refer to our services link to see what we can offer you.

We base ourselves around your schedule and place of choice from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm everyday of the week!



What ever your reason, with +Lifestyle Changes, you will get the push you need to get through your old plateaus and meet new goals. All measurements and changes are recorded in your personal portfolio by us and bi weekly updates are given. This detailed focus of body measurements, body weight, body fat%, resting metabolic rate, and appropriate daily caloric intake will help us to make sure we diagnose the best training program for your personal body type. Your Fitness Trainer will help take you through our formulated steps to ensure that you're receiving the appropriate resistance training to maximize your goals and minimize your risk of injury.



Let us figure out all the particulars and provide all the essential equipment in your home or place of convenience, so that you can eliminate all the unnecessary headaches, and put your energy into your workout. Every workout is always different and guaranteed to be uplifting and beneficial for your body.

To stimulate and challenge the body and its muscle groups, we use a variety of machines, free weights, dumbbells, EZ bar curls, resistance bands, medicine ball, skipping rope, weighted ankle and wrist bands, weighted balls, bosu balls, steps, and mats for stretching and more customized core work etc.  Now there are no more reasons as to why you can't have your own fitness trainer at your convenience based on your time and schedule.




Your + Lifestyle Change now goes even further......

As a  proud supporter of the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society, we understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and we want to help others to do the same. This is why +Lifestyle Changes will donate $1 from every session to each foundation, so we can be sure we all play a part in helping others make their +Lifestyle Change. Together we can all help make a difference and promote happy, healthy and active lifestyles, while fighting against the diseases that have touched us all.


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