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Being exposed first hand to the ins and outs of how fitness clubs operate, I knew that I had to make a revolutionary change to the fitness industry. I want to be the first at your door organization to put the clients first by providing a vast assortment of services, with affordable priced packages, as your complete all around health and wellness solution.    
Through many years of training in public gyms and working in different private settings, I have heard a lot of excuses for not getting involved in a physical activity program.  At +LC, we analyzed all of these reasonings above and came up with practical solutions to fit everybody's lifestyle.    Many people have also had negative experiences with fitness clubs, their members, and or have even received poor service from the staff to the point that they are turned off and lack trust in any other fitness options.  These big fitness facilities hold such high overhead costs, resulting in their membership and services being overpriced, which is a major deterrent for someone looking to make a positive change. These same clubs often have staff that hold minimum certifications, if any at all, and do not continue to educate themselves to stay on top of this constantly changing industry.

The biggest secret that members don't know when they sign up at a new club is, that they want you to fail!! They want you to commit to a year membership or purchase personal training sessions in hopes that you don't continue. If these large fitness clubs had all of their members continue to come and use the facility, then the clubs would be crowded and over-packed.  Plus, the majority of people can only afford to make it to the gym during the same limited busy times as other members, such as after work.  This creates a busy stressful environment and leaves most of us in a negative frame of mind, and how could anyone get the most out of a gym like this?   

I have decided to expand and go big with +Lifestyle Changes, a company that will provide professional quality health and wellness services at the clients desired time and location. I feel that there was a real erg for professional in-home private personal training and nutrition coaching. It is important that a great relationship is being developed between trainer and client from every home we visit.

With busy schedules, people want to feel comfortable and motivated, and given a positive direction to follow. With +Lifestyle Changes, we have designed a system that aids our clients from the minute we arrive on your front door step right through until the end of your session when we say goodbye.

I have learned that being healthy is a balanced triangle of proper and adequate:

+Lifestyle Changes strives off of our clients success and their success stories, make us want to continue to work harder to make peoples dreams more achievable one step at a time.

With Lifestyle Changes Co. the membership and fitness assessment costs can all be eliminated; there are no excuses of time constraints, excess pressure, busy gym machines or lack of knowledge. +Lifestyle Changes has a focus for in-home and private settings for training our clients. We want you to focus on yourself and the exercises throughout the session. There is no other place you can be as focused or committed then in your own house where you feel safe and sound. You can finally be comfortable and confident about reaching your goals, because we come fully equipped to come to your home with all the equipment and tools you need to be successful. We are also keen on good hygiene and sanitary conditions for your health. Our equipment will always be cleaned and sanitized before it is brought into your home for your workout session.  Last but not least, we always start our sessions with complimentary towel service and cold water to keep you fresh and hydrated. balance3.jpg

Let me personally help you make your positive lifestyle change. Together, we can do it.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
What will your change be?



*Also Part-Time staff

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