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There is a lot of evidence to support the benefits of exercise and these benefits are universal to all people regardless of age, sex, ethnic background, or disability. The most important first step when starting any exercise program is to make sure you are doing your exercises properly, safely and within your own limits. Many people perform exercises incorrectly and this can cause more harm. You may not even be aware that you are causing injury, due to lack of form and technique, cardiovascular issues, over exerting the body, dehydration and even sometimes over training. The amount of resistance training and repetitions also plays a vital role in your results.

At +Lifestyle Changes we pride ourselves on being comprised of the top fitness experts who are there specifically to guide you through a safe, challenging and goal oriented exercise programs.


Education, certifications, experience and knowledge play a very important role on setting a client on the right path. You cannot apply the same workout routine to just anyone. The young client with sport conditioning goals will be looking for different results than a senior adult looking to improve heart health and wellness.

At +Lifestyle Changes we continually educate and update our certifications so that we can always pass on the most current and accurate information to our clientele. This also helps us to allocate our clients to the best suited +Lifestyle Changes +Personal Trainer for their specific goals. A positive match and chemistry between +Lifestyle Changes experts and client is something we take very serious. All you need to do is focus on your workouts and leave the rest up to us!

+Lifestyle Changes is comprised of male and female staff for your comfort and convenience. All of our staff is up to date in all areas of certification.

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