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With a busy schedule, it is hard for people to get into a regular fitness routine. Set backs like weather, traffic, work, and the lack of knowledge can all become obstacles if you are trying to make a change to your health.

As we get older and increasingly overwhelmed with responsibilities, we become more inactive and this can raise many health concerns. Sometimes we start to be physically active but go on and off an exercise program, and then eventually face failure due to some of the same reasons above. It is easy to fall into a negative cycle, where exercise becomes a lower priority in your daily routine and it sometimes takes a big event such as a wedding or vacation to make us realize its time to reprioritize. We want to look and feel our best on an everyday basis, but unfortunately too many people end up getting involved in a quick, fast workout regiment of extreme measures to try to squeeze in some last minute results. Any rapid change or excessive pressure to the body is tremendously harmful to the body's system.

At +Lifestyle Change we want your experience with us to help you and your loved ones find a new light to optimal health.
Whatever your reasons may be, let us guide you in the right direction and unfold your life to a positive change. 

Acceptance + Action + Commitment = +Lifestyle Change

We strongly believe in creating the most encouraging atmosphere so that our clients can truly concentrate on their workout. That is why we offer an exclusive In Home trFirst aid kitaining service, where every fitness session includes a Kinesiologist and/or Fitness Trainer who holds a First Aid "C" certification, cold refreshing bottled water for proper hydration, two fresh towels for a clean workout, on-site First Aid kit, antiseptic sanitizer for hygienic sharing, specialty heart and calorie watch monitor, portable ipod player with a variety of music to keep you motivated, stop-watch, and a wide collection of specialty gym and rehab equipment. Every Kinesiologist and/or Fitness Trainer carries a cellular telephone that gives them on the spot access in case of emergency. Your sessions will also include biweekly handouts of articles and the latest published research. We also have a library of books and magazines that we recommend you to borrow to further improve on your fitness and nutrition knowledge. 

At +Lifestyle Changes we are keen on professional and clean service from the minute we arrive until the end of your session.  When done, we clean up our equipment, help put any furniture back, and collect any towels and mats. You can now complete your workout in the comfort of your own place and get on with the rest of your day.  There is not a more satisfying feeling than the completion of a scheduled workout based on a customized program, all under the supervision of your fitness professional.
**Note: After start of any Fitness Program Package, there is absolutely NO refunds or returns.


The following is a list of our specialty training programs we offer and why people should invite fitness into their lives. 

Click on a Service of your choice below or scroll down through the complete list of services +Lifestyle Changes can offer you. 


NEW- TRX(cable system)-Challenge Thy Self

Pre & Post Natal

Wedding prep or Anniversary Celebration

Couples Training

Vacation Blast

Active Sports Training

Kids "Kickbutt"


Ladies Kickbox

Chronic Disease System Shock

Seniors with Big Hearts

Pilates- Whole Body Alternative

Yoga- Find Your Balance

Aqua Fitness

Bicyle Buddy

Group Classes

Call or email for couples, family, and Specialty Package pricing.



Do you have a personal goal? To run a marathon, start hiking or mountain climbing. Do you have plans to go to a reunion and are going to see all those people you haven't seen in at least 10 years? Want to show off how well you have taken care of yourself? But wait.....have you taken care of yourself? It is never too late to make a +Lifestyle Change and what better reason than to shock and impress yourself, friends and family with a new and improved you?

+Lifestyle Change has a variety of exercise programs that will be designed specifically for you to meet your personal goal and will fit in with your busy schedule. Lets start today and get ready to meet your goal.





Already expecting? Have you already been blessed with a new bundle of joy?
During pregnancy your body will go through a number of changes, and it is important to prepare your body for these changes. Many of these changes will include, weight gain, change in the alignment of your pelvis, extra stress on your joints and other common challenges that women face throughout their pregnancy. Our experts at +Lifestyle Changes will help you keep your body strong and healthy and go through kinesiology based exercise programs to ensure your body is strong and well prepared for the big day!

Once you have delivered your newest addition, let us help you lose those extra pounds and get yourself back in to shape so you can keep up with that little one!
Don't make the mistake of just getting into a negative routine after you have given birth, help prevent any issues before they become one. Workout with your newborn, or have them within your eyesight while you go through your exercises. You can now get active and eliminate the role of a babysitter as you start your Pre/Post Natal program.  You and your baby will both be happy you did!



A wedding day or anniversary can be the most important day of your life! This is a very special milestone for you, the commitment to the one you love, but first, lets make a commitment to yourself. Let us help you look and feel your absolute best on your special day and days to follow. Nothing speaks love more than a happy and healthy start to a beautiful relationship.

If you need to squeeze back into your dress after your celebrations of showers and parties, or want to look as beautiful as you did the day you said "I DO", we will help make your celebration positive and a day you will never forget! Short and long term programs and training sessions available.




Need motivation? Looking for a new hobby? +LC has the perfect program just for couples! Help each other reach your goals, build a strong foundation and explore the healthy side of your relationship. Pick a parent, a co-worker or your significant other to start!
+Lifestyle Changes provides programs for couples that will push you both physically and mentally. Try new partner exercises that require you to work side by side for the challenge and will keep you moving for 75 minutes with a circuit style training.
Call today to try this brand new program, it will change the way you look at exercise and your relationship, guaranteed!



Have a vacation coming up? Forget hours of cardio and starvation to make you beach ready. +Lifestyle Change will blast your body in a realistic period of time so you feel and look your best. All you need to do is make that commitment to let us come and help you. Best of all-you get to keep your new body even after our vacation is over, so now you'll be ready for the next one! Cruise Ship Growing

Use this next getaway as a good excuse to make a +Lifestyle Change. Let us help you get started with this incredible short term vacation blast exercise program.

Airplane Taking Off  



Our staff of Kinesiologists and Personal Trainers are fully qualified to help you functionally train for your sport.

Our +Active Sports Training programs have been specifically designed to mimic the use of the same muscle groups against set resistance. Our focus is on form, technique, prevention, maintenance and advancing to new levels within your desired sport. We offer active rehab for injuries, core and stabilization and proven kinesiology based functional dynamic training to get you ready for your season. We also provide flexibility and stretching for the above sports, which is vital to any sports training program. This will ensure your muscles are ready to go and are well balanced between strength and flexibility. Be ready for your new year!

 We cover a large variety of sports including:

Golf- Titlist performance institute * Soccer * Baseball * Football * Rugby * Swimming * Volleyball * Basketball * Skiing * Cycling * Marathon training * Dance/jazz/ballet




Unfortunately, the advancement in technology has taken the best out of our children. They are more interested in working on their computers or playing video games. Our children are not meeting even close to the daily physical activity requirements and this is becoming an increasingly alarming issue.
+Lifestyle Changes wants to make the change early in our young ones and introduce them to a new way at looking at physical activity!

Our programs, designed especially for kids, will expose them to a variety of different sports, activities and games to keep them moving and healthy, while having fun in the comfort of your home or back yard, and all under your supervision.  We will also expose the whole family to healthy eating habits with fun and delicious new recipes for everyone to follow.  It is important to make this +Lifestyle Change in our children now, so they can continue to grow into healthy adults and continue to stay active throughout their lives. Help give your kids the confidence and motivation they need for the real world.
All guaranteed fun!

+Lifestyle Changes also offers a seasonal camp for even more fun and activity!
Please refer to our CAMP page for more information for the upcoming summer camp 2010, this you gotta see!



Where your workout meets self defence. This total body intense workout will move you through a variety of kickboxing and self defence moves with our expert trainer. This form of exercise is a combination of mental and physical challenges and also targets your cardiovascular endurance and strength. 
Ladies Kickbox is a great way to reduce stress, feel stronger and more confident and also spice up your exercise routine.
+Lifestyle Changes offers this program both one-on-one basis as well as small group classes.
Whatever your change is, Ladies KickBox can add a punch to your workouts!

. .




Low back pain? Tightness in your neck and shoulders? In need of a cardiovascular exercise program?  Have you been diagnosed with a metabolic disease and have been advised to be physically active?
Our fitness professional have years of experience working with this special population, and have helped hundreds of people fight off disease and prevent it from coming back.

Our exercise programs are individually designed based on your doctors recommendations or your own personal goals. All sessions will include measurements of body weight, body fat % and physical measurements. Our programs will be developed using up to date research and ACSM guidelines for exercise testing.
Start today make a +Lifestlyle Change that will continue to repay you for the rest of your life! Its never too late to start!



This specialty program is designed for heart health in our senior population. It is never too late to start exercising and +Lifestyle Changes wants to help you. The baby boomers are at an increased risk of complications and heart related issues.
A cardiovascular program along with a light resistance training program will be designed for you to improve the health of your heart and lungs. When your doctors tells you at your annual physical to "get active", they are right! Our exercise routines designed specifically for seniors will help improve balance, coordination, bone density and muscular strength as well as fight against any age related diseases.Heart plus
This service can be done one-on-one or get your friends together and try a small group class!
It never too late to make your heart that much more healthier.





+Lifestyle Changes offers a Pilates program that will challenge your body in a whole new way. Pilates is an exercise program that will focus on your core muscles to help improve your posture and balance through the coordination of exercises, all while supporting your spine. It uses a method of mind control, breathing and alignment of the body to help create long lean and toned muscles without weight baring activity. It is great for those beginning an exercise program, pre & post natal or in addition to your cardio and resistance training programs!
You will be lead through the sequence of exercises by one of our certified instructors who are there to help you with your form and technique. Try this new and popular form of exercise today, your spine will thank you for it!





Mind, Body, and spirit through +Lifestyle Changes. Our Yoga program is one that should not be over looked.  This yoga program will help you to create a balance between these three elements. Through the practice of physical postures and poses, Yoga will help you to achieve this union through exercise, breathing and meditiation. In the comfort of your own home, create a place that you can escape and connect with your innerself to make you strong from within.  Let +Lifestyle Changes introduce a variety of new harmonous soft tunes to make your yoga session that much more soothing.

Be in harmony with yourself and the environment around you.
Get into your own personal private appoinments or gather some of your friends together, and hold a yoga session in your home!





+Lifestyle Changes offers an aquafitness class like no other. Using the water resistance your body will use the buoyancy to challenge the entire body through this joint friendly but cardiovascular exercise class. This is a great option for those with back and knee pain, or other pain related injuries, as well as post injury or surgery due to minimal impact on the body. Using the water you will be able to isolate and challenge every muscle in the body to rehabilitate and tone the body all while in a cool and therapeutic environment. If you have a pool at your home, let us lead you through a routine or in your own place of choice, all to the latest in heart pumping music. Also a great option for group classes! Private locations also available for Aquafitness training, call or email for a location near your!
Hope on it and get moving with + Lifestyle Change AquaFitness program.




Grab your bike, or borrow one of ours, and take the challenge with +Lifestyle Changes Bicycle Buddy program. Explore new trails, take a relaxing ride or hit the hills and trails for a more vigorous workout. Use your bike to help hit a variety of muscle groups through specifically designed programs which includes a warm up, challenging routine and cool down for your body based on your own comfort level. You are going to have so much fun you won't even notice you are providing your body with an ultimate workout! Every session still ends with a thorough stretching cool down to elongate those used muscles.
Enjoy nature with the unique program brought to you only by +Lifestyle Changes!





At +Lifestyle Changes we believe that everyone should benefit from physical activity.
All of our services are also offered in a group setting. This is a great option for those who need more motivation, or want the support of friends and family. Hold a Yoga or Pilates party in your home and get everyone involved. Great for birthday parties, bachelorette or special events.
Whatever you want, we can do for you! Please call or email us for more information on individually designed group classes and package, prices and locations.


LClogoriginal6.jpgGift certificates:

We often scramble to think of a perfect gift idea for a family or a friend but often times, we just settle for a generic gift.  What can top a gift card from +Lifestyle Changes to give that someone you care for in a new positive lifestyle direction?   Nothing says love more than the gift of health and well-being!  Consider buying a couples or family package and get everybody involved, or take advantage of a party or event and be a hit with this healthy and active alternative.   Easy to set up, and designed just for your event, or celebrations. Nothing to regret and everything to gain.



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