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+LC Workout Philosophy

What defines a "workout"?
Challenging the body through physical and mental use, to benefit the cardiovascular, muscular, and respiratory systems to improve general health and wellness.

So now, how do we define a "+Lifestyle Changes workout"?

A great workout to us means, that we incorporate all of the important aspects and benefits that are involved with a regular workout: all in the comfort of your home, backyard, workplace, outdoors or in one of our convenient locations, its up to you! We will help to find a safe space in your home to go through your workout, and then help to return your place back to its original state. All we need is an approx 10'x10' space to start. Single client sessions last 60-70 minutes, while our couples or speciality services last 65-80 minutes.

You can expect the most out of a + Lifestyle Changes workout!

♦A good minimum warm-up of 10-15 minutes, which can be done prior to your exercise session, will get the body moving, heart rate up and oxygen flowing. Your warm up will also include dynamic stretching to prepare you for resistance training, and get your joints and muscles lubricated which will help against the early onset of fatigue.

♦Your sessions will require you to keep your heart rate up by continuing to challenge the muscles and core for a minimum of 50 min. Your trainer will assist you mentally and physically throughout workout.
♦Your session will involve a variety of workouts with machines, free weights, resistance bands, bars, medicine balls, Bosu balls, weighted balls, ankle bands, skipping rope, wobble boards, Therabands, and floor mats for ground work.  +LC also uses a calorie counter, as well as a stop watch/heart rate monitor to measure time, accuracy, and heart rate zone. We use our imagination with every tool ever made from the fitness industry to provide creative exercise routines to benefit our clients.

♦Last but not least, the ever important cool down session which includes relaxation, stretching, and a focus on correct deep breathing. The stretching component is crucial because it helps stretch out tight muscles, forces more blood flow into the worked muscles, and definitely helps with post workout soreness.  This cool down period is really enjoyable and beneficial, because you get to lay back and relax while your personal trainer stretches you out, as your heart rate comes back down at a healthy pace. Our stretching routine will help to increase flexibility on all major muscle groups with emphasis on the used muscles through the session.


Plus we like to additionally incorporate:
♦Education and experience of the top Certified Kinesiologists and Personal Trainers who bring you through the gradual changes, appropriate increases in intensity, and also provide different workouts every time, so that you and your family will stay interested and motivated.
♦Continuous circuit style training to ensure that we work within a consistent fat burning zone.
♦Use of Bosu, Stability and weighted balls to target the deep core muscles in every workout by incorporating the use of balance, posture and coordination into all exercise routines
♦Weekly health and wellness handouts for education
♦Nutritional Coaching
♦Measurements of your body including physical measurements, body fat% and weight, as well as Resting Metabolic Rate and caloric intake.
♦We thrive off of circuit and multi tasking style exercises, which will keep you moving to maximize toning and weight loss results


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Best of All :Green Bouncing Up Arrow 2
♥One on One supervision with an Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer
♥Clean and sanitized equipment and mats
♥In the comfort of your own home, or place of choice 
♥Extended hours, 7 days a week to fit into your daily lifestyle and schedule
♥Complimentary towel and cold bottled water service






 All +Lifestyle Changes staff will have the privilege of being trained by Founder and elite Fitness trainer, BJ Movassaghi.

This initial one on one training is to insure that every Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer has all the skills and tools to provide an excellent +LC routine for their clients with a strong focus on safety. All of our staff have personal training insurance coverage, so you can feel confident that you are working with the best of the professional industry .

As a company, we continue to meet weekly to update the staff with new information, facts, new study reports, new exercise equipment and to share newly formulated exercises with one another. We want unity within +Lifestyle Changes and we want to be able to share this knowledge with you, so that there is always continuous growth. Our team will also meet to update their training in our Active Balance Training component. The ABT program is where +Lifestyle Changes grew and really isolated themselves from other exercise routines and methods provided in the fitness industry.

In order to get results and continue to grow, you must shock your muscles with variety of different exercises and movements. Doing the same routine just gets your body stuck in a plateau and makes your time training not as beneficial. What makes +Lifestyle Changes different is that we go through a structured plan based on your personal goals. Everybody has different needs, expectations and objectives, so we provide a variety of specialty programs to accommodate that. Your Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer will go through steps to insure that you are comfortable and that you are learning throughout your workouts so that you understand how your body is working and reacting to the exercises. They will modify your workout routines so that your muscles will continually meet a challenge in every session because each workout will be different,  this is a crucial step to ensure that you are targeting and challenging muscles with the right intensity for ultimate results and to ensure that you reduce the risk of injury.



At +LC our active exercise programs are all designed with the understanding that our clients are looking to maximize on their results.

This is why most of our active programs at + Lifestyle Chances, involve 2 important principles:

Cardiovascular Circuits
Exercise with the element of balance

+Cardio Circuit  training is defined by doing preset exercise routines back to back with minimal rest, based on your individual strength level. This style of training will provide you with all of the cardiovascular benefits that you would normally get if you were to use an actual cardio machine because we ensure that you are in your target fat-burning zone throughout your workouts. Now you can have the cardiovascular benefits for your heart and lungs, combined with the bonus of targeting your major muscle groups to challenge your body as a unit to be equally strong and balanced.

+Active Balance  is where +Lifestyle Changes really grew and developed from. This style of training gets its challenge from where active resistance training meets balance. Balance is as much mental as it is physical. When you incorporate balance into your exercises you maximize the use of your larger major muscle groups, but more importantly, you are also using other smaller stabilizer muscles that you wouldn't ever hit with traditional standard exercises. Once you have thoroughly warmed up your body and heart, we get into a routine of forced balance training through the use of medicine balls, bosu balls, resistance bands and wobble boards. There isn't an exercise routine that challenges and targets your core like this ABT style. Your personal trainer will be right there by your side to help supervise for your safety through every set and repetition. You will be surprised by the amount of mental and physical strength you gain through our +Lifestyle Change workouts.

What is all this talk about "Core"?

Your Core is a group of muscles that are very important as they help to support your spine and improve your posture. They are made up of a group of muscles that lie deep beneath your abdominal muscles and also include your side obliques and lower back muscles which are often neglected. Sit-ups and crunches only mildly help with working your mid section and targeting your core muscles. Our programs will challenge these muscles because the workouts are designed to activate the deep set of core muscles in every session along with your other major muscles groups. With our +Lifestyle Changes workouts you will now be able to hit more muscle groups all in a unique, personally designed exercise routine.

+Active Balance combined with Cardio Circuit , taxes your body and core area in a way that you never thought ever existed. Even if you already workout or have an exercise routine, +Lifestyle Changes challenges you to try this new and exciting whole body style training that is shocking all our new and existing clients.


+Cool Down is unique to +Lifestyle Changes. Once you have completed the main part of your exercise routine, we go into a detailed stretching session for the whole body, we emphasize on the major muscles that would have been used that session. This is all done on a thick mat cushion for comfort and lower back support which is all provided and sanitized by +Lifestyle Changes. There is a great deal of importance on deep breathing and relaxation throughout this final stage of the meeting which your Personal Trainer will walk your through. We continue to help through stretching, and also show you proper techniques on how to perform stretches yourself with proper form and technique. The lengthening of muscles help deliver oxygen to your body so that your muscles can heal and repair and decrease any delayed onset of muscle fatigue in the days that follow. Flexibility training is important and can be done daily.

So now you know how + Lifestyle Changes workouts go above and beyond the traditional workout. With in the comfort of your own home, push the limited and challenge your body in a whole new way. Starting fresh or wanting to spice up your current exercise routine, after one workout with our fitness expert you will be wondering what took you so long to make your Positive Lifestyle Change!

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