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What +LC is all about?

We all know that we should be active on a regular basis to maintain good health and that exercise will help reduce risk of chronic and degenerative diseases.  In today's society people continue to put physical activity lower on their priority list, not realizing that they may be leading a life which can cause serious pain and stress down the road.  Perhaps you are already feeling pain from what could be clear signs that you are lacking activity in your current lifestyle. 
 So why do everyday people prolong the time in which to make a positive lifestyle change? After all, our lives are very precious; and you don't get a second chance.



Through years of experience in the fitness industry, our staff has been exposed to the most common reasons for the absence of exercise and wellness in people's lives:


♦Not enough time to exercise based on personal schedules
♦Costs for fitness club membership and personal training is too high
♦Exercise can be boring
♦Lack of knowledge of appropriate exercise routines, form, technique or repetitions
♦You don't know how to use the gym equipment
♦You cant keep yourself motivated
♦You don't see any results or have plateau
♦You are uncomfortable in large gyms 
♦Poor public gym hygiene
♦Gym members can be intimidating
♦Its too late to start now

Why is commitment so hard?

Many people live in a routine. We wake up, skip breakfast, get the kids off to school and/or rush to work. After an 8 to 10 hour day, and lack of nutrition in our diet, we rush back home, pick up the kids, prepare dinner and do our chores. When all is done we sit down to finally relax, fall asleep and then do it all again the next day! But opps! Did we forget all about ourselves and our health?  Unfortunately, our lives in North America seem to run on a continual fast pace with minimal time to spend on ourselves, and for those who do make the move to purchase a club membership or buy personal training sessions, there are still a mountain of excuses. All of this is due to the inconvenience of actually making it to the gym and making time in our busy schedules.

At first, any lifestyle change is always going to be harder than the current


your positive changes will continue to repay you for the rest of your life.

                                                                                              -BJ. Movassaghi


As a client of +Lifestyle Changes you can be certain you will not have to deal with any of these excuses! +Lifestyle Changes provides you exclusive private services in your home or personal place of choice and will guide and motivate you along the way so you are guaranteed to reach your goals.



Some of our fitness professionals hold a university degree specializing in Kinesiology and Health Sciences and related fields. They have been certified by Canadian recognized institutions, and also hold their First Aid level "C" certification.

 Our staff are comprised up of:

Certified Kinesiologist (CK)
Personal Trainers Specialist (PTS)
Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS)
Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist (PTS)
Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS)
Yoga Exercise Specialist (YES)
Pilates Mat Instructor (PMI)
Older Adult Fitness Specialist (AFS)

For additional information and our other specialty certifications please refer to our Certifications link.



Within these services we can specialize your program, please refer to our services link to see what we can offer you.

We base ourselves all around your schedule and place of choice from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm everyday of the week!


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If you want to incorporate wellness into your life, due to an expectant new born, or have been advised by your doctor to become more active, let us develop a personal program for you based on your skill level and your goals.  

During your time with +Lifestyle Changes let us help take and monitor your physical measurements, body weight, body fat %, blood pressure, resting heart rate, resting metabolic rate, and healthy caloric intake on a bi-weekly basis.  Not only do we instruct proper workout routines, but we also track and advise you along the way to make sure that you are getting positive results and are headed in the right direction.  We track our client's weekly meal diaries to ensure that you understand a healthy and balanced diet for your specific goals. We keep a private portfolio of all our clients and include a workout diary of every workout for our records to track improvements and progressions. You can ensure that all of your information will be kept private and confidential within your portfolio. We continue to monitor your lost inches, weight, cardiovascular improvements, and nutritional diaries throughout your progress on a bi-weekly basis to ensure you are challenged and adjustments or modifications to your program will be made accordingly.

+Lifestyle Changes stresses the importance of proper hygiene and cleanliness in all the homes we visit. All of our fitness equipment including mats, dumbbells, stability balls, and bands are sanitized after each use, so you can be confident that you are using clean equipment each time. We will provide every client with clean towel service and cold bottled water for each session to further promote hygiene and proper hydration throughout every session.


Our trainers care so much that they have dedicated early morning and late night shifts just so that they can be available for you.  We operate from 6:00am for the early risers that want to fit in an appointment before work or meetings. Our sessions continue throughout the day with our last session finishing at 9:00 pm for those getting off late and wanting to squeeze in a workout, now can afford to at their convenience before the end of the day.  You can finally make exercise a minor detail of your day.  Save time and headache from your busy schedule and old gym routine and let +Lifestyle Changes train you at a place and time that fits your timetable. 

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